The New REA ScanCheck 3n

The latest in the dynastic line of world-leading bar code verifiers from REA - the European Verification experts. 

The ScanCheck 3n continues the tradition of high quality, robust and rugged design that has established REA barcode verifiers as the Verifier of Choice for bar code quality assurance professionals.

  • PORTABLE - Completely portable - light, while rugged, can be operated 'stand alone' without a PC and stores hundreds of test results in memory.
  • VERSATILE - can be connected to a portable printer for instant print-outs of scan results; or can be used with TransWin32, the PC software that makes analysis, storing, printing and emailing of scan reports as easy as 1-2-3. 
  • FAST - New 32 bit processor for rapid data analysis and reporting. Instantaneous and full reports displayed on the colour screen
  • EASY - Full colour screen and easy menu layout makes it easy for operators to use, even if non-technical.
  • STANDARDS COMPLIANT - Full analysis to ISO, ANSI and CEN standards and able to generate reports to GS1 requirements. 

Technical Specifications

CPU: ARM9 ® 32bit, 180MHz
Operating System: ElinOS
Memory: FlashROM: 16MB, RAM 32MB, 
512 MB MMC card
Light source: Laser Class 2, 670 nm
Modulation: 5 MHz
Scan speed: Approx. 45 scans /s
Aperture: Selectable 6, 8, 10 and optionally 20 mil
Laser security: EN 60825
Evaluations: According to ISO/IEC 15416, ANSI X3.182 and symbologies standards
Software Options : Comparator, Article Look Up, TransWin32, optional codes
Symbologies: EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E with/without ADD-ON, EAN-8, 2/5 Interleaved with/without check code, ITF-14, Frachtpost, Code 39 with/without check code, PZN, Code 32, Code 128, GS1-128 with/without check of content, new: GS1-Databar
Optional symbologies: 2/5 3 Bars, 2/5 5 Bars, 2/5 IATA, 2/5 Baggage, 2/5 DHL Express (Frachtpost-Code), Code39 Full ASCII, Code93, MSI, Plessey, Code128UPU, Code39UPU, Code39HIBC, Code128HIBC, Codabar Monarch (18), LAETUS Pharmacode, LAETUS MiniPharmaCode
Interfaces: Printer via USB socket, type A
PC-connection by 6-pin: STEWART Compu-Shield plug
Batteries: 4 x 1.2 V / 2.700 mAh, 
NiMH, rechargeable, type AA
Power supply: DC 9 Volt / 0,5A operating / 3A max charging included
Display: Colour TFT Display, 320 x 240 Pixel, graphics
Keyboard: 21 Keys
Housing: Aluminium, black painted
Temperature: Operation 0° C - +40° C
Storage -20° C - +70° C
Humidity: max. 80 % relative, notn-condensing
Size: 222 x 85 x 134 mm (L x W x H )
Weight: 1.115 g, including batteries
Maintenance: Monthly calibration required

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Book a Repair

From time to time equipment may need to be inspected by a technician for repair or maintenance. 

Please click on the button to be taken to a page providing you with full details on how to arrange for your verifier to be returned to our Repair Facilities in the UK. 

Software Options

There are optional software products for use with the ScanCheck 3 Verifier:


REA TransWin32

A data capture program for Windows PCs. This enables the verification reports to be displayed, saved and printed on a PC. Reports can also be emailed for transmission to customers if necessary, either in the TW32 native file formats, if the recipient also has a copy of TW32, or as a PDF file that can be read by anyone with generally available PDF reader software. Additionally the REA ScanCheck 3 can be remotely configured by TransWin32. REA TransWin32 is designed forPCs withWindows 2000, XP, VISTA and Windows 7.

TransWin32 software is easy to use, yet very comprehensive - giving clear, visual graphic reports in seconds of Pass or Fail results, with full analysis of the code structure and content in accordance with the international standards.


REA Article Look Up

This option allows an article's description to be shown on the display of the REA ScanCheck 3. Each article can be assigned with price and date fields. The date fields will be compared with the date in a GS1-128 bar code. If the encoded date is outside of the range specified in the ArticleLook Up, the ScanCheck 3 will show an error message.This function is very useful to extend bar quality control with the verification of data like “best before use”.


Code Comparator

This option allows the comparison between a master code and the content of verified codes. If the verified code content is not identical with the pre-set master, the ScanCheck 3 shows an error message

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