REA MLV-2D Matrix Code Verifier


The REA MLV-2D is a wonderfully easy-to-use, but high quality 2D matrix code verifier which meets
ISO? standards. Contactless measurements at fixed angle and distance provide users with accurate and repeatable verification results.

The measuring systems is based on a CMOS camera chip together with an optic module (lens) with low metric distortion.

The data interface is a LAN interface for PC connection.

The REA MLV-2D is a Verifier specially designed for 2D Matrix Codes in production and quality assurance. The MLV-2D also scans and verifies linear bar codes within the field of view limits of the respective optic module fitted. 

Get full and comprehensive information about your 2D Matrix Codes using the included TransWin32 software that allows you to view, analyse, save, print and distribute verification reports

  • Contactless verification by a CMOS Camera system
  • Meets ISO standard ISO/IEC 15415
  • Exchangeable camera optics for high and low density 2D Codes
  • Ethernet Interface for high data transfer rate
  • Several different light sources (angle/light type) to meet specific applications
  • Quick information - good, warning or fail – by green, yellow or red light



Illumination: 90° angle, switchable between white and red light (under

Camera Optics: 

One Camera Optic is included with the MLV-2D - other Optics can be purchased and are a matter of a few moments for users to change in the device.


Optic and Module Sizes:
25mm (0.22mm module width) 
35mm (0.22mm module width)
50mm (0.07mm module width)

Future option 16mm



  • Powered by a 32bit ARM9 microprocessor
  • Contactless measurement by CMOS camera technology
  • Easy software update by Flash-ROM technology
  • Languages English and German (others on request)
  • Averaging of 4 or 5 measurements
  • Single measurement
  • Size verification 
  • ISO/IEC 15415 72° positioning for average measurement supported by display picture
  • Switchable between red light and white light
  • Switchable between 10° and 45° illumination angle for red and white light
  • Universal power supply for world wide use
  • Internal Real Time clock for time and date stamps
  • In conformity to ISO/IEC 15426-2


Technical Specifications

  • 32bit ARM9 processor
  • 32MB RAM, 32MB Flash ROM
  • Powered by ElinOS operating system
  • Real Time clock
  • Light source red 625 nm
  • Light source white 5600K
  • Angle of illumination 10° and 45°
  • Direction of illumination switchable
  • Graphic colour display 320x240 pixels, backlight
  • Weight 1200 g
  • Dimensions: 203 x 203 x 300 mm
  • RJ45 LAN Interface (TCP/IP)
  • CMOS camera 1280 x 1024 pixel
  • Red, yellow an green LED for fail, warning and pass information
  • Measuring area defined by the chosen optic module fitted (user changeable in a few moments) 
    • 56,5 x 45 mm 
    • 39 x 31 mm
    • 18 x 41mm 
    • (2011 introduction of 92 x 75mm)
  • Exchangeable optical module for high density symbols (>= 0,15 mm) and low density (>=0,22 mm)
  • Powered by a multinational PoE power supply unit

DataMatrix ECC 200 


Planned for later software releases: RSS and RSS composite (GS1 Databar), QR-Code and Mini QR Code.

Other symbologies on request

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TransWin32 Software

REA MLV-2D Software

The MLV-2D comes complete with a special version of the REA TransWin32 software for viewing, analysing, storing, printing and emailing of verification reports. 

The software is both easy to use, as well as very comprehensive in terms of its verification and analysis capabilities. Quick to learn for production operators, it also provides Quality Assurance departments with a valuable tool for in house production quality control and for customer support.



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