Verify Printed Bar Code Symbols or Film Masters

The REA PC-Scan LD3 system incorporates a copy of TransWin32 software for use with a PC and a measuring device (Laser Device). The Laser Device has a built in measuring unit with a solid state red light laser driven by a motor. Measurements are transferred to the software for evaluation. The evaluation is divided into two parts. One part according to ISO/IEC 15416 (CEN or ANSI evaluation) the other part according to Symbology specifications and/or standards. In case of EAN Codes ISO/IEC 15420 (traditional evaluation)

Software Controlled

Against the standards and specifications measured values are presented clearly on the screen.

REA PC Scan Screen

The screen shows the two evaluation methods at the same time. ISO/IEC 15416 method evaluates in detail the reflectance profile with different aspects. Quality is presented in 5 steps. The user is able to preset a minimum quality requirement for a 'pass' according to the application or printed material characteristics. The traditional evaluation gives detailed metric results, bar width and positions as extreme and average values direct on the screen. Detail values for each bar and space can be shown in a separate table. As well as printed codes the REA PC-Scan is able to measure positive and negative Film Masters according to ISO/IEC 15421.

Optional Codes: This software has optional extra symbologies. The measuring program is also included in this package. Unknown Codes or random samples can be measured by the measuring program. This is useful for colour contrast evaluation in preprint or to evaluate unreadable barcodes.

Film Master Platen: The Film platen has a 1 cm slit instead of the 3 cm slit in the standard platen. A positive and negative Film Master is included for calibration purposes.

Adaptor for Curved Surfaces: This option is a special bottom plate prism. This supports the measurement of barcodes on circular bodies like cans, bottles and beakers. A defined position is required for measuring. Bar codes have to be printed in ladder format on curved surfaces.

Models: The measuring unit of the REA PC-Scan (Laser Device) is available in four different models. Two different red light wave lengths - either 670 or 635 nm - and two different measuring widths, either 155 mm or 240 mm.


• Evaluation according to Symbology Standards and Specifications (traditional evaluation)
• Evaluation according to ISO/IEC 15416 (CEN/ANSI evaluation)
• Selection of quality grades (CEN/ISO or ANSI)
• Preset of user required quality grade in comparison to the measured grade
• Average measurement

• PCS (Print Contrast Signal) evaluation at two different positions
• Evaluation of bar and space reflectance values in addition to contrast values
• Manufactured in conformity to ISO/IEC 15426-1
• Automatic reflectance calibration and internal metric built in scale
• Autodiscrimination of Symbologies
• Static contrast measurement
• Verification of light margins (quiet zones)
• Verification of Ratio (relation between thin and thick bars)
• Automatic size verification
• Check digit verification
• Verification of EAN-128 data structure
• Zoomable scan reflectance profile for additional manual evaluation
• Indication of defects, edge contrast and symbol contrast in scan reflectance profile
• Measuring of free selectable reflectance values and distances within the scan reflectance profile
• Contactless measurement
• Linear measurement for maximum accuracy
• Supported languages German, English, French and Spanish
• Export of measured data in CSV table
• Report print on PC default printer
• Important functions can be operated directly from the Laser Device
• Shipment in a case with all required accessories (without PC)


Technical Specifications

  • PC with Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP) required for Operation, one serial port

  • Size of Laser Device: 251x84x92 mm (WxDxH), standard version 155 mm measuring width

  • Size of Laser Device: 222x84x92 mm (WxDxT) optional version with 240 mm measuring width for wide codes

  • Light source solid state laser with 670 nm wave length or optional 635 nm (both red light)

  • Laser class II

  • Selectable aperture 4, 6 and 8 mil

  • Accuracy +/- 2 µm metrical +/-5% contrast

  • Power supply 100 Volt to 240 Volt

  • Convertible primary socket adapter (EURO, US, UK); others on request


REA PC-Scan LD3 Bar Code Verifier
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